Monday, 22 December 2014

Summer Solstice

I celebrated Summer Solstice with some friends. I'm so pleased I took the time to go.
As my camera is never far, I snapped some photos and here's a few to share of what fills me up.

 Scarecrow watching over the lavender farm

 Further down is another scarecrow - they kinda make me want to make my own - might pop into Op shop this week to see if I can find some jazzy clothes for one.

 hay bales - a sure sign of summer.

 It was also a New Moon - into Capricorn and of course being a Capricorn I'm rather fond of goats.(I still miss Molly goat something terrible)

 and roosters... I've put on my Christmas and birthday list for a rooster.and a goat and a doberman. My family just roll their eyes.

 ooh I could of brought some of those chicks home...

.. but just a bit too small to leave mum yet

The longest day has now passed (shortest day in Northern Hemisphere).
 Now to get ready for Christmas...


  1. What a great day out, lovely fields of Lavender, back country roads and all else. Christmas Greetings to you all,,, Jean

  2. wonderful photos! now the days will get longer...not my favorite thing.

  3. Thank you Leanne, I really enjoyed your lovely photo's! I could see you having a scarecrow dressed in orange and of course purples!

  4. Happy New Moon---Happy Summer Solstice, as I go dancing into Winter Solstice---Blessings to you, Leanne

  5. happy summer solstice! We are opposite, but you knew that :)