Monday, 15 December 2014

some more herbs flowering in my garden

My two favourite colours.
  not the best photo of the comfrey flower..

 Elderberry is nearly in bloom - so exciting.

Golden rod is taking over a tad..

 The bay tree might just need a trim...

The rain has been good for the garlic,

 No red clover is allowed to be mowed around here so the lawns get a bit long until I've done my gathering,

 Last year I gave this rose a stern talking to and said it was coming out - as you can see talking to plants work.

 Now with James working I'm the tobacco grower.

  and the hops grower,,,,

 Proof that faeries live in our garden, One of them has left their hat behind. 


  1. Oh. My. GOODNESS, Leanne, your herb garden is GORgeous!!! Girl, I am seriously lusting over a piece of that bay tree---I cannot believe how BIG it is. I keep trying to keep one alive over Winter here, and am without one right now :( so you can imagine how envious I am of yours! :) When you trim it do you restart shoots from your trimmings? I would love to have some. :)

  2. Lovely collection of herbs Leanne. I am really enjoying the flowers on my anise hyssop just now & only just realised this week that the young leaves make a great addition to summer salads. Love Catherine x

  3. Well hello! Thanks for the comment about our bay tree and linking me back here. I'm glad to have discovered your blog. Wow, you have such beautiful plants. and of course your bay tree is amazing! I can only hope ours gets that big someday. It gives me hope that it will!

    Thanks!! I'll be adding you to my regular blog roll.