Thursday, 4 December 2014

Roast Chicken (nearly)

The mystery is solved.

 Brodie has been missing for quite some days.
The eggs poking out of the bonfire was a tell tale sign.....

She has made a new home for herself in the bonfire pile.

As it was dusk when Brent found her we have let her sleep the night in her special spot. Today I will move her back to the chicken coop where she will be locked in for three to five days so she can  get used to laying in the coop again,

I wonder how many eggs she has in the bonfire pile.

Lets have a competition of how many eggs are in the bonfire.

There will be a small prize for the winner (I will post internationally) Winner announced tomorrow morning.

Leave your answer below in comments or over on the Facebook page.


  1. Love the story and your photos. I'm guessing 11.

  2. haha! I've managed to catch up on some reading this morning, Leanne. Your photo series was great - and interesting :-) I'm guessing 12 eggs.

  3. i'll guess 8 but please take her out of there before you light the fire! roast brodie please!

  4. How about five? Cute picture of her, cute post :-)

  5. Oh bless her, she thought it was a safe place to lay her eggs. I am going to be 'the odd egg' out here and go with 13.

  6. How they do like to find another place, and for her, a safe, warm house, cosy, pine needles underneath.. I'll guess 3.This takes me back to my childhood, collecting eggs, the black hens seemed so large to a 10 year old, they filled the boxes, with their feathers overlapping eggs and feet. Panic as they pecked when I lifted them, ahh, those were good days. Jean.

  7. I wonder what the bonfire will smell like????
    I guess 6.

    1. Oh yuck!!! LOL Especially if they are old. Will make an interesting bonfire on Summer Solstice, GIGGLE

  8. I'm guessing 7 eggs. What was Brodie thinking? She could have ended up as a hen & been reincarnated as a dinner entree. It does look deceptively cozy in there. Maybe she would rather live & lay eggs in a tent than in the coop.

  9. My guess is a baker's dozen (13). Love the photo of Brodie.