Thursday, 25 December 2014

New Traditions.

It is interesting how life changes as the kids grow older.... Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we all gathered around our very special Christmas tree to open one gift each. This was because there was a gift that was home made that might of melted so we felt it should be opened.

Then another gift each was opened as there was something for James that would be useful for him to use. He was going to wire a new stereo for his truck.

Before we knew it ALL of the gifts were open..... So we had Christmas yesterday and made new family memories. Such joy and fun!

We didn't give  the Farm Stay Guests their gifts early - they will get theirs this morning.

Wishing you all a wonderful time together too.


  1. Wishing you a wonderful christmas - like the idea of opening the prezzies on Christmas Eve.

    1. It was terribly fun Hope you had a nice day xx

  2. Fun!! Our new family fun was opening everything on the deck - and not around the Christmas tree!