Monday, 1 December 2014


Day 30 of  a photo a day project.

As I haven't brought anything I'll show what we brought a few weeks ago - is that cheating for today's photo a day?  It's our first Elderberry plant we have ever had. Looks like it is going to flower in it's first year too.

Well I did it - I actually managed to do a whole month of a photo a day challenge. It was quite fun hope you all enjoyed the photos.

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  1. I planted one too this summer! It did well but mine did not flower although the guy down the road planted an entire field of them, I think 2-4 varieties that will cross pollinate well. I have a Bob Gordon and need a Wyldwood. in our area they have the highest yields. You will find a lot of use for yours, I'm sure but watch the deer, they enjoyed my leaves!!