Monday, 29 December 2014

Happy Birthday to me

How do I put this but I really didn't fancy turning 5 0 it just seems sooo O L D.

I had some lovely friends who helped me get over myself and we celebrated at my favourite cafe - Harrison's Gardenworld Cafe. The weather was perfectly sunny then rained. The cafe rearranged tables inside for us even telling clients sorry these tables are going to be booked for the birthday group. Then the sun came out and we all sat outside again. Talk about spoilt and nothing was a trouble for the staff. As the norm the meals were yummy.

Aren't the flowers pwetty they are from my brother and his partner. They even came with a kiss from Kevin (owner of cafe who I worked with years ago). His wife Lynn made me beautiful citrus tarts for my birthday cake but I forgot to take photos of them.

I got soo spoilt from my friends and I will take photos to show tomorrow of all my awesome gifts. But let me show you what my friend Annette made as I know I have lots of quilty friends in blog land who will think this is such an awesome idea,

It is a jar of quilters lollies.

The top has a pin cushion

and inside is the quilters lollies

Six inch squares of fabric rolled up in cellophane in the shape of sweets,

It was all wrapped up in a fat quarter.

I had a fab day and so very blessed with an awesome group of very dear friends,

You know what, I feel no different at all now I am 50.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday lovely Leanne. Pleased you were spoilt.

  2. Happy 50th Birthday Leanne!! What an awesome gift idea..I love it!

    1. isn't it fab - I'm itching to use the lolly material but not starting anything new at the moments --- so she said....

  3. So pleased you had a lovely day. Just pretend we have only just turned 40 feels like that to me.... Lol

  4. Happy birthday! 50 isn't so bad, look at all the nice things you got to do! I love the jar with the lollies, I have never seen that before.

  5. Happy Birthday Leanne - sounds like you had a lovely day and enjoy all of your treats.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  6. Happy Birthday to you! What a wonderful way to spend your day. :)

  7. Happy Birthday Leanne! 50 is young!!

  8. happy birthday leanne!! may you have many happy birthday years ahead of you filled with good health, laughter and fun!

  9. welcome to the other side! 50 is young!!! it's the first year of the second half of your life so you are sort of like a new born! sort of...hahah! glad you had a happy BD!!!

  10. Gorgeous flowers! I love the combo of the paper and flowers. :) Happy Birthday! You will love your 50's, but remind me of this when I turn 60 in May. I have a feeling I will not be too happy....LOL Kit

  11. Happy Happy Birthday!! Glad you have been indulged! You deserve it!
    Age is simply a number.

  12. Oh wow what a wonderful gift. So glad you had a fantastic day xxx

  13. Happy birthday Leanne, I seem to remember from last year yours is the 29th. Oh to be 50 again. (I turned 71 today 30th)

    Glad you had an enjoyable day.

  14. Congratulations.
    Enjoy the club, I turned 50 last may.
    You're as old as you feel.

  15. Happy belated Birthday Leanne - I'm glad you relaxed and spent some time with friends getting spoilt! I had that feeling when I hit 5-0 (only last year!) as well. It is survivable! Fun quilter's gift!