Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Good Times and Not so Good Times,,,, But With a Happy Ending

The boys took the f100 into the testing station for compliance testing last Thursday...  This is required for imported and scratch built vehicles before they are allowed to be registered for use on New Zealand roads.
It is a very strict check involving removing wheel hubs etc and checking all brake, suspension and structural components. The truck passed the test and two happy fellows were driving home when disaster struck... The bonnet flew up on the motorway and wrapped itself over the windscreen and onto the roof.

Very scary as they couldn't see where they were going. James was driving and managed to get the truck stopped and off the road without coming to grief. They managed to get the bonnet down and tied it shut before returning home rather dejected with this rotten luck.

They thought the bonnet was a right off.... However not being one to give up easily Brent brought home a heavy duty slide hammer with a big suction cup that  works off compressed air. They took the bonnet off the truck and with James holding it down on the bench Brent gave it an all mighty fright with the slide hammer... With James using all his weight to hold it down, the bonnet was still jumping up off  the bench every time Brent gave it the heave ho.
5 hours later ....  +  a rebuild of  the damaged bonnet hinges and .... Yahoo - Good usable bonnet with just a few little dents still to be picked out of it. 
They re engineered the bonnet safety latch so they never will have this problem again. 

The truck is now on the road and there are two happy fellows.... James took Abbey Christmas shopping in it over the weekend. Looks good, sounds good & goes good. 


  1. oh god...was that the latch i sent to you?

    1. no, no that one is for the black truck xx

  2. Holy heck they were lucky dudes!

    1. YEP and as James was driving a 1K excess on insurance - just as well my men are handy fella's aye and could repair it. Bloomen shame tho as the truck was a minter nice n straight. Brent will get a new bonnet in from the states next year - but for now they are enjoying driving it (just a well gas has gone down again aye) James handled the accident really well and got them to a stop in safety. Brent said it was rather hair raising as they were going 100km on the highway. eeeek

  3. Glad to hear the boys were safe - that was a lucky call. Hope they have no more trouble with the truck, as it looks like great fun.

    julie and poppy Q