Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Farm Stay Guests...

 Pinot arrived today for his holiday - he was our very first guest when we  first opened up the cattery for a farm stay so he is rather special and we hold him a spot every year.

 Basil tucking into his mince

 Sammy refusing to look at the camera.

 Bella likes to sit on the perch and look at the boys (Bella is on the left) the boys quite like looking at Bella too

 Bella - a very pretty girl

 Leonardo who was not pleased that I took away his mince for a photo

 But worth it for a photo for his mum

 I think this was Muddy peeking through to Bella and Leonardo

 Milo who was in a frisky mood today maybe the catnip was the cause??

 Infact the three boys Milo,  Charles and Muddy were all frisky and playful

Charles eyeing up my feet to pounce on.


  1. Oh my... They are all so gorgeous and SO familiar looking! X

    1. Hi Jo - yes I'm lucky that I get to see the cats we bred come back to stay.