Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Farm Stay Guests...

 Sammy - Hmmm fresh mince
Roooooaaaaaar - Im hungry

 Basil - Nahh, You are always hungry

Chester -  Hi dad.... (Wish she would learn to turn off the flash when she takes a photo)

 Bella talking to the birds - Why don't you guys come to my place for lunch.

 Leonardo watching the men folk arrive home.... Gosh I do like the sound of a V8.

 Charles the bogun... "Nah wasnt me"

 Muddy the bogun... "Nah wasnt me"

Milo the bogun.... "Nah wasnt me"

These boguns are the only ones so far to wreck this cat toy. (PS it it not a good cat toy I brought 3... but such a flop as until these boguns turned up no one else would play with it)

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