Monday, 22 December 2014

Farm Stay Guests.

Muddy still with sleep in his eyes - we woke him up.

 Milo - for real ---- he wouldn't keep still for a photo ps mum & dad he LOVED his MINCE again tonight

Leonardo was also not interested in photos he just wanted his mince.

Bella was a bit miffed having to move runs today - some Bach flower remedy settled her pretty quick. (excuse sleep in eyes but we woke her up too)

 Basil singing for his supper.

 mm  dinner in bed...

 Sammy was not impressed about getting a photo taken before his dinner... Just feed me!

Chester enjoying his chin rub.

Today turned out nice and sunny - the cats slept the day away - all ate their dinner which makes me happy knowing they have all settled in for their holiday

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  1. Aww man, looks like everyone is settling in at your hotel. Lovely day but a bit chilly overnight. Us girls are snuggling on the bed.