Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Day Out

A group of naturopaths in training went on a field trip yesterday to learn about Healing Clay
We had a lovely day out and especially enjoyed connecting with each other, something that is missed with distance learning.

It was a good feeling that all the learning I am doing is actually being retained. My assignments are all coming back passed, But I have wondered how will I go  in an actual exam. On the car trip there and back we chatted away about different healing pathways and body systems and I could keep up with the year 3 students in most areas. One of the ladies took a case study (with permission) in the car and that was an amazing experience seeing different styles.

I brought some of the healing clay, as in an upcoming assignment I have to do a detox. The clay bath will not work for me easily here as our water gets pumped out and the clay will clog up the system so to do it one must syphon out the bath water afterwards. Or wait until the bush bath is up and running.

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  1. I don't know if it will work with the clay but when I worked for LUSH we sold bath bombs with all sorts of things that float around in the bath, I loved it but for people that didn't want stuff getting stuck in the plughole or in their hair I suggested putting them in a stocking/pair of tights so you still get all the essential oils and whatnot. Might work with the clay? you could always hold the stocking over the entrance to the pump too. xxx