Sunday, 7 December 2014

Confession time....

I'm scared of chickens when they are broody cause they PECK yea.

So Brodie is still on her nest..... goodness knows how many eggs she is sitting on now....
Maybe today I can entice her out of the bonfire pile with some food. If not I'll have to call for reinforcements and get Brent on the job.

Big whoop whoop

The dad's item at Tracey Odell School of Modern Dance was wonderful! All their kids should be very proud of their dads - a great effort! I always enjoy seeing the parent's item and know how nerve racking it is to get up on stage in front of all the dance students to perform

As yep even I have got up on stage and danced one year when it was the mum's turn.

My good friend Tracey has been teaching dance for 35 years so last nights concert was a very special milestone for the school. Pop on over to Tracey Odell School of Modern Dance Facebook page to see more photos. (The little weeeee ballerinas are soo cute!).


  1. Good luck with broody hen Leanne.
    And the Dads' number looks like fun! Doris. x

    1. I just went down to try again but the bloomen ram is in the paddock.... so will try another day.