Saturday, 27 December 2014

Boxing Day

I haven't made the time to just sit and do nothing in such a long time nor read a non academic book all year. I listen to audio books while I garden, walk or sew but to sit and do nothing but read is such a time luxury for me. Hence Boxing Day I allowed myself to sit and read a book. The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. Which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

....loss or rural culture, and environmental degradation in those places seemed tied to the world's accelerating cycle of production and consumption. He saw that cheap goods cost somebody, somewhere, plenty, but by the time the reached the big-box shelves thousands of miles away, those costs were invisible. He became uncomfortable with processes he could not see, impacts he could not measure.
These were not extraordinary conclusions and many other people all over the world have seen and acknowledged them, and then gone on living more or less the same way they have all along. Mark was not one of those people, He tried, as much as possible, to live outside of the river of consumption that is normal life in America.
.......whether it is better to buy organic food that was not local or local food that was not organic...

I really enjoyed the book and now I'm following Kristin's blog  and facebook page  which proves I'm a fan.

The New Zealand Christmas Tree

I've been watching daily for the pohutukawa tree to flower - I forgot to look Christmas day, but Boxing day the flowers had appeared,

Brent and I are big kids and each time we walk past our very first ever kiwifruit we are growing we both say  Fuck yea, Kiwifruit! to each other...I tend not to swear, so feel like a young kid impersonating Lauren off Lladybird blog..and then we look at each other and burst into laughter..

Right my slack day is over - back to normal today and I will get photos of the farm stay guests today. They are all well and cruising, a pleasure to look after.


  1. What a pretty tree! We don't have super showy trees in Missouri, there are a few but nothing like this.

  2. LOL you crack me up! Glad you got some time to read. I am still taking down my Christmas decor, then I can do some reading. :) Kit