Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 in Review.

January was the first year in sixteen years that I had no homeschool planning to do. I thought I had another year of homeschooling to go but life didn't go that way. We let James do some work experience which he loved and later in the year it led to an apprenticeship with another company,

I think I was lucky being fully absorbed in my naturopathy studies for the transition of homeschooling to not homeschooling  to just happen. I'd read over the years how many homeschooling mums can feel quite empty when the journey finishes. I didn't find that and I contribute this due to me having my own studies to work on.


My much loved goat Molly died. She was one of the very first critters we got when we moved here - so she was well over 14 years old.  Gosh I still miss her daily. Gardening and walking in the paddock is just not the same at all. Annabelle from Drawing A Fine Line, a New Zealand artist painted our dear Molly and gave me the above water colour picture. It is very very special to me.


We had some mother and son bonding of making our first batch of homebrew from hops James had grown.


The biggest buzz is our first ever chestnut tree had 8 chestnuts on it in its very first season. It was planted on top of our  beloved Caro cat so she sure is giving it her blessing.


It was a tad windy at our place and a branch from the neighbours tree fell on the barn and caused extensive damage. 


The neighbours got 25 of their pine trees cut down. It sure makes a difference for my washing as before the pines would hide the sun in winter at 2pm. I'm loving the extra sun that is coming in and can rest easy knowing no more damage can happen to the barn.


I finished my first ever non scrappy quilt for a 21st birthday gift.

Abbey became a designer and began releasing her knitting patterns. 


Lambing time -and we doubted Tup our last years ram was up to the job he produced all twins and triplets.

Once again we had a lamb living in our bathroom - as you do.


A father and son project arrived. They imported a truck from California USA 

James was in a car accident and the ute was written off. Thank goodness he wasn't in a plastic car. I can't find the photo of the damage which was terribly scary for a mother to see. He was a very lucky boy to walk away from the crash. We have lots to be thankful for, 

infact James has given me quite a few frights this year. The first was when he went up to the shops for me to pick up a few errands and he came back with his hair shaved off. He has had long hair since he was 7 years old.

The other scare was James being in another accident and the bonnet of the truck blew up while he was driving 100ks on the motor way. He managed to stop safely and both Brent and James were unhurt. I'm terribly thankful. I had to laugh yesterday morning James undid more of the apron strings... I asked him to text me when he arrived at work.. he replied - "No mum you will be alright, you will be fine".


we are kiwifruit growers - big buzz

and I turned 50.

It has been a stressful, busy year with lots of changes - but one we have truly been counting our blessings

See you all next year xxx


  1. What a full year you have have with lots of blessings and changes, Leanne. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to be part of that journey with you. All the best for the coming year! xo

  2. What a year! Hope you have more highs and less lows (aka stressful moments) in 2015! Very best wishes and hugs :-)

    1. We really feel for the people of Christchurch still dealing with insurance company's. The blog posts are looking through rose tinted glasses so not all has been shared of the barn damage...
      Happy New Year to you too.

  3. Must be nice to do a post like this, a real 'see all' reflection. Roll on 2015, what will that bring!
    Thanks for sharing your journey Leanne.

    1. Blogging is great to look back at of what our days are like and just how much we do get done. Not everything get put on the blog - more moments looking through rose tinted glasses. xx

  4. what a great recap of the year! james better be careful or i will box his ears!

    1. I'll box them too. He has been lucky! I'm so greatful