Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Day 3 of  a photo a day project.

A lovely treat - visiting my fav cafe at Harrisons Gardenworld Pekapeka
It was raining so we had birthday lunch inside the cafe. Brent enjoyed his whitebait fritter eyes and all. Shudder.

Farm Stay Guests...

Must be a family trait - Indigo and Auntie Laura seem to enjoy poking out their tongue when the paparazzi is about.

The photo of the day tomorrow is .. Can't live without.
Can you guess what the photo might be?


  1. Your tongue sticking out cats are pretty funny! I just found your blog through the November photo of the day challenge and have really loved scrolling through your posts. Nice to meet you and I will be back to visit some more!

  2. mmmm white bait fritters! I have a photo of one of my horses with their tongues out!