Sunday, 2 November 2014

Something Blue.

I've always wanted to join a photo a day project - now to see if I can commit to it for one month.

Day 1. Something Blue was my borage patch which is full of bumble bees and honey bees

Farm Stay for Cats.

Indigo thinks the indoor outdoor feature is pretty fun - first time she has stayed since the cat door was put in place,


  1. We look forward to seeing your photos for the month Leanne. Love the cat door, Miss pops wouldn't be without one.

    1. Hi Julie - I wonder if I can do it for a whole month. Hope you had a good holiday and Poppy Q is well. I must pop over to your good reads account I need a good book recommendation,.

  2. i wish i knew someone like you when i had my cats.

  3. I have finally got Borage established in my garden. It's such a pretty blue.
    Your visiting puss cat looks v nice.