Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My name was picked

 Day 18 of  a photo a day project.
I LOVE THIS.... I told no one, not a sole that I entered and I WON!!!

My name was one of the 875 New Zealander's whose name was in a ballot for an invitation to the Waitangi Day Bledisole reception at Government House Wellington

Next Waitangi Day marks 175 years since the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. I always remember meeting Diana Waring an American Homeschool speaker, who said how awesome it is that New Zealand has such a Treaty. Yes it is not perfect, but we are one of the few countries in the world that have anything like it. 

 It is extremely rare for members of the public to attend a Government House event.

 Can you imagine the planning that has to go into such an event?  

Like look at all the strawberries for such an occasion.

Can you believe my name was picked out of all the entries??? 

When entering you had to say who your guest would be - I put down our daughters name and didn't even tell her I'd entered. So us two girls are off to a garden party! Girls like that sort of thing.

Oh how I've always wanted to attend a garden party - I blame Katherine Mansfield for such ideas.

I sure hope I get to meet Boots - he is the Mateparae family cat that lives at Government House..I'll feed him some tit bits if I get to see him

I hope I'm allowed to take my camera so I can share the event with you all.
All photos in today's post are from the Governor General's facebook Page.

Now to plan what to wear. We apparently get a dress code with our official invitation

Do tell what you think we should wear - open toe shoes, closed toe shoes? Hats?  oh such fun! 


  1. Oh goodness Leanne, this is FANTASTIC, just fantastic. It is the stuff of dreams and memories, memories you and your daughter will share forever. I am so tickled.

    I haven't been blogging much, but something made me want to see what you're up to. QUITE A LOT!

    Sending all best wishes and can't wait to find out about the dress code.


    1. Hi Sharon oh my you have a way with words - but then you are one of my all time favourite authors. Yes lots of memories will be made - it has begun with choosing what to wear. SUCH FUN

  2. LEANNE!!! I'm so EXCITED for you..CONGRATULATIONS!Fun fun FUN...I do hope and pray you'll be able to take some photos. How awesome you get to take someone with you too. Can't wait to see what your attire will be and yes, a hat is a definite!

    1. Thanks Julia - I'm really really excited. James got asked to attend a function at the Governor General's a few years ago but he wasn't fussed and turned the opportunity down, he said he would rather someone went who was into that sort of thing, BOYS!

  3. congrats! what fun! no open toe shoes!

    1. Hi Joyce that was what I was thinking would be appropriate for such an event no open toe shoes, VERY VERY exciting aye But I still can't get over you passed on having lunch with Grace Kelly all those years ago.