Friday, 7 November 2014

Made Me Smile Today....

Day 6 of  a photo a day project.

Made Me Smile Today....

This is one of my favourite  lilac's. All the petals are rimmed in white.

 Isn't nature AMAZING!

 The lilac is named "Sensation".

A basket of lilac's - what more could a gal want in life?

Farm Stay Guests...

 It was rather cold here today... and Indigo spent most of her day tucked up in comfort inside.
Man - she looks like her mum Jasmine -Indigo is a stunning example of a Mandalay.

I always really appreciate owners bringing a sample of food their cats like to eat. 
Indigo is eating our cat mince up but loves her Royale Broths too and her special cat milk.


  1. they are beautiful! i bet they smell good too. indigo is beautiful!