Monday, 10 November 2014

Heck Yes!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all who have signed up to my Wellness Plan Workshops.
I spent some of the funds from my workshop attending a seminar on Female Hormonal Disorders.

Beautiful venue at Rydges. LOVED how the hotel offers valet car parking, I could soo get used to that service!
So this is my Heck Yes photo as I had a fab time and came home with my brain buzzing with knowledge. It was truly wonderful meeting so many holistic health practitioners that are also passionate about women's health, As many blog readers know one of the reasons I'm studying naturopathy is searching for missing puzzle pieces re Endometriosis. It was absolutely distressing reading on the Endometriosis New Zealand Facebook page how many New Zealand women SUFFER from this illness. Stats taken from a post stated that:-

23% Felt better following surgery  (but most were also taking medications + - Mirena and practicing nutrition and lifestyle changes.
68% Did not feel better following surgery or surgeries.

I'm hoping by the end of my diploma I will have  more answers for women who suffer with Endo, PCOS, PMS, miscarriages (also very dear to my heart) and infertility.

Another Heck Yes story....

My girlfriend and I were up and away at 7am this morning into the Wellington Botanical gardens to collect tulip bulbs. The gardeners dig up the bulbs and we can take home as many as we want. It's a lovely thing to be part of - bit like a little community gathering of like  minded folks.

The beds they were digging up and that we got some were:



Princess Irene
- Tulip photos from The Tulip Gallery Page,

Plus we got orange poppies.

PLUS some myosotis rosylva - forget me nots.

We came away with six big shopping bags of plants for our gardens - a real Heck Yea morning!


  1. wow...what a great event1 your place is going to look like the botanical gardens soon! we are about to get really really cold! i can't wait!!!

  2. I hope the course had some useful info for you. Gosh I would love to be in Wellington when they give away the Tulip bulbs...........I'd be there too! Look forward to the display in your garden next year.