Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Catch up - photo a day.

 Day 14 of  a photo a day project.
For Me.... Well I'm claiming it is for me but in fact it was Brent's birthday gift some Ratmats for his pickup truck which keeps the road noise down.

Day 15 of  a photo a day project.
Hot and cold.... That has been our weather of late. PS BIG buzz to see so many Black Boy peaches on the the tree this year.
Day 16 of  a photo a day project.
AFTER....  a Globe Artichoke flower if not picked - I leave some every year to flower cos I think they look pretty amazing,

Day 17 of  a photo a day project.
Cooking... Can you tell which eggs are the ones from our chooks and which are from the shops?
Right back to study - I've been on a huge binge getting assignments done, meaning I've done very little except get up early, study, cook meals, do laundry, cattery and study. It works for me. The reward is a new assignment on herbs - my one love!
Farm Stay Guests....

Pancho is back for a stay - it was pretty awesome to see him again and that he was happy to be back. He just cruised on in and fell straight back into our routine. Not that he let me get photos - he was way too frisky wanting to play. At least I got a good photo of his tail which is pretty impressive.


  1. that truck is looking great! nothing like fresh eggs!

    1. yea the trucks I'm calling the other women....they tend to get a lot of time spent on them

  2. The truck is looking very fine! Hi Pancho!

  3. I've never seen the flower bloom before, how pretty!!