Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Can't live without

Day 4 of  a photo a day project.
Can't live without....
Being a moon lover I'm picking the moon. Being in tune with the seasons and phases of the moon keeps us in  touch with the natural rhythms of the earth - something I enjoy very much!

As the moons phases change, so do our lives.

New Moons: Are the best time to start something new or make a fresh start.

Waxing Moons: Waxing is like waxing a floor you wax your floor wider and bigger with each motion, which is one way to remember the waxing moon. It is from a new moon that the moon starts to get bigger and bigger till it's full moon.  During this phase it is a period of growth and creativity to help deal with any problems that one  might face from the new project one has tackled in the New Moon phase.

Full Moons: A time to celebrate the completion of what has been manifested from the New Moon. 
There are many names for each full moon and you will find they differ from hemisphere depending on season.

Waning Moons: Waning can be remembered as W-e-A-k-e-N-I-N-G.getting weaker and weaker from full to a new moon (weaking has the word waning in it). During the Waning phase is a good time to let go or release anything that is no longer serving you.

Gardening according to the moon cycles I swear by and I've been this week frantically trying to plant my summer garden so not much study has been happening.

Farm Stay Guests....

Indigo says hello.


  1. hello indigo! thanks for the info on the moon.

  2. Yes Leanne I plant by the moon also. Hello beautiful Indigo!!