Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Place

Day 8 of  a photo a day project.

A Place ....
Kapiti Island, New Zealand, is a must visit if you ever come to New Zealand. To get to the island you will need a permit. Kapiti Island Nature Tours  can organise all this for you. 
Once on the island you can walk to the top, or go on guided walks. For me personally I enjoy just being, sitting, walking quietly and watching the native wildlife that we don't get to see often on the mainland.
Kapiti Island has an abundance of native birds including the saddleback.

I've been enjoying following a pair of saddlebacks that have a nest with eggs in a suburb of Wellington. Volunteers are keeping watch and the nest has been surrounded by predator traps to keep the nest safe from cats, rats, stoats, possums and hedgehogs.
I've been following them via Wellington City Council's Facebook page - if you know of another site that is watching them please let me know,

Farm Stay Guests....
Indigo sure would like to watch the saddlebacks too.


  1. i can see how the saddlebacks got their name. indigo would like a closer look!

  2. mmmm I bet Indigo would like to watch those magnificent birds!

  3. I'm visiting from Nancy J. I would so love visiting your part of the world. My kids honeymooned in Cook Isl. I'm afraid I won't make it, though! Lovely.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!