Sunday, 23 November 2014

A favourite thing

 Day 22 of  a photo a day project.
A favourite thing...  My Susan Branch 2015 calendar has arrived.
I've a blogging friend Kris, who I have never met. She is my internet pen pal and we have been friends since gosh it must be 2000. I met Kris on a home schooling support internet group and she opened me to the world of blogging. Kris helped me learn html coding and pulled me into the online world of technology. 
We have kept in touch and followed the different stages  our children went through, as well as our own changes, including what we both are doing  after homeschooling our kids. 
Kris has sent me a Susan Branch calender every year for years. This year I bet her to it and found I could buy one from Books Depository
Books Depository is wicked! Wicked that there is no postage charges to New Zealand - very very awesome. But it also means it is terribly tempting to those who LOVE books.
Do pop over to Susan Branch's blog - every post is a breath of inspiration.


  1. I am so happy to have gifted you those calendars over the past few years. Hard to believe that we've known each other so long and I do hope we get to meet someday. My husband's work travels may take me to your neck of the woods! Enjoy your 2015 calendar <3

    1. cool if you can come to NZ as I doubt you will get me on a plane