Thursday, 23 October 2014

Yarn Along

I want to share a warm (((HUG))) of gratitude to all the readers of the blog. I'm overwhelmed from the response of the next Wellness Course (which starts tomorrow). Thank you, thank you! I'm really touched and inspired from the response. I'll close off registration on Sunday 

Didn't take me long to spend some of the funds - I've been wanting the Maori Healing and Herbal by Murdoch Riley for a long time. (books are my one weakness)

I've no knitting to show for Yarn Along - I could take photos of my mistakes but I'll save that sorry tale for when I have photos. Or I might not share as I feel terribly foolish. The sheep all got sheared yesterday and the shearer said the wool is about $2.60 per kilo

The sheep must feel better with all the wool off them.

The lambs tails are slowly falling off.

 This little girl is one of our favourties 

I enjoyed this light chick book easy listening 4/5
I only chose it for the title Spring Fever just because it is spring here,

Farm Stay Guest.

 It's the last time you will all see Pancho as tomorrow he goes home.

 Pancho is rather fond of the catnip I pick for him. He has a little play

Then he eats it all up.

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  1. i will miss seeing poncho. he is such a pretty kitty!

  2. Oh my, the sheep DO look different with their 'haircuts'. Is $2.60 for the wool good or bad? I hope it's good. . .
    And farewell to handsome Pancho, we'll miss seeing him.

  3. lovely sheep photos :) I cannot believe you have made knitting mistakes :) never!

  4. Ahhh it's so lovely to see spring ..... we are into autumn here, although I love that too.
    Your lambs are adorable!
    love Jooles x x x