Thursday, 16 October 2014

Whatever Bowl


 Lunch for us girls is called a whatever bowl. Whatever is in the fridge...eggs from our hens, hummus, avocado, sunflower seeds, beetroot, carrot, tomatoes, mesculn leaves, beetroot leaves and

whatever herbs are picked from the garden. thyme, nasturtium, parsley and borage flowers.

It's good to see the nasturtium Tropaeolum majus patch back again. The leaves and flowers give a peppery zing to a salad.with the added benefit of vitamin c and iron.
The name Tropaeolum means a trophy, and the plant is said to of arisen from the blood of a Trojan warrior. The flower symbolizes the golden helmet and the round leaf the shield.
Planted under apple trees and encouraged to climb up them may help to protect the tree from woolly aphis. 

Our apple trees are just blossoming - Oh how I do love spring! I'll plant some nasturtium under it and let you know of the result. 

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho was far too busy playing in his tunnel for the paparazzi. He loves running in and out the tunnel super duper fast. Too fast for my camera skills.


  1. Hi di hi

    We have something similar in the evenings. We call "a plate". So yummy.

  2. We do that sometimes in the summer. I love digging around and being creative in the kitchen and no cooking is always a plus in my mind.

  3. Oh Happy Spring to you dear friend! We are deep into falling leaves over here. We shall both enjoy. :) Kit