Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wellness Plan Workshop starts on the next New Moon

Due to your emails I'm opening registration today for the second Wellness Plan Workshop.

Begins on the next New Moon
24th October 2014
The new moon is the perfect time to manifest what you wish to have in your life.
It is a wonderful time to introduce new beginnings, projects and desires.

The Wellness Plan is a workshop that has 8 weekly PDF'S that will be emailed to you
This workshop focuses on you, all about you  Each week the workshop will cover a topic. Often the topics build on each other which will be delivered by email. The Wellness Plan workshop is an eclectic therapeutic approach with a naturopathy flavor. I am a naturopath in training, currently in the second year of a three year degree. (All workshop fees go towards my naturopath study fees and books)
The goal of the workshop is to encourage positive emotions, thoughts and actions to help you kick start and maintain a state of wellness with the focus of losing weight.
 The workshop topics are:
Tissue salts which may assist weight loss and food cravings
Flower remedies helping you choose which ones you may find helpful including your keynote remedy
Kick start your digestion system
Nourishing food which is not about counting calories
Honour your true self learn your element type
Sleep, Rest and Gratitude including aromatherapy blends.

Principals of the workshop

                      Naturopathy treats the whole person; mind, body and soul
I believe in preventative medicine which is the building and maintenance of health rather than fighting the disease.
My role for this workshop is as a teacher. I will share my knowledge from my naturopathy studies, offer advice, guidance and support you, in you, taking self-responsibility of your health.
Throughout the workshop, fell free to email me with your questions.I will  reply to all comments every morning.
One thing I ask from you Please take action. Don’t just read the weeks email, instead take action. You will notice that this is all I am asking from you and I will repeat this over and over. 

Sometimes we need a little kick start to get back on the path to wellness and this is what this workshop intends to do. It is not a diet. It is a Wellness Plan. It will give you a plan so if you ever fall off the "wagon" just go back to the Wellness Plan and start again or pick up where you fell off. I understand life does get in the way and we are all thrown curve balls where the last thing we all want to do is often think wellness let alone practice it
I often find when something new is being undertaken life throws road blocks at us. We need to stop and cope with whatever as best as we can. This often means we go back to old habits, which are comfortable for us, possibly not the best for us but comfortable.
But with the tools I will be sharing with you, you can just go back to the Wellness Plan and carry on focusing on your health when you are ready
 Necessary details:
Cost is $55.00 payable via paypal or internet banking 
Additional costs – optional but I am sure you may wish to purchase flower remedies, tissue salts and essential oils mentioned in the workshop to try.
A journal to record your progress.

Begins 24th October 2014.

 8 Weekly  PDF'S that will be emailed to you

Come spend two months of wellness with me!

If you have any questions feel free to email me,

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