Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Nine Weeks ago

I ran my very first workshop - talk about scary.

 But isn't it always scary going outside your comfort zone?

I've had some really lovely feedback from the workshop and one of the ladies has given her permission to share her email  on the blog, as I thought you may all like to have a read too. Sure gave me a buzz.

 Thank you Leanne.
 I'm really going to miss my Tuesday morning motivation reads. It was always with great excitement that I checked my e-mails even before I was dressed for the day. I have learnt that it all takes steps to improve health & it's up to me to make them. I feel more patient & clear headed. I have decided to cut as much processed food out of my family life as possible & now that I've got more energy I can easily whip up a batch of muffins for tomorrows school lunch while preparing tea. Everything seems to be flowing better (hard to put into words, but that what it feels like)
I have lost 4kgs. I know that it could have easily been more but with my birthday & my two children's falling in the 8 weeks & going away in the holidays, life was more of enjoying the moments & food lol. I spent about two years on the same weight & no matter what I tried it wouldn't budge. Now I know that it will come off & more importantly feel good & healthy as well..
Most importantly for my health I have cut back on my nightly wine. I don't need it to relax anymore & don't miss it. I still have the odd wine on the weekend with my husband. V

I will be running this workshop again soon email me  of your interest. However it will not be in a blogging format. Instead it will be via PDF emailed to you each week. I've realised many of you who follow the blog don't actually blog so in PDF format is going to be much easier for you.

I'm currently writing a weight loss workshop targeting body shapes (apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle)

I'm using characters out of Downton Abbey which is hugely fun! I'm currently writing the Mrs Patmore body type from all my naturopathy learning. This workshop will be a follow on from the Wellness plan (which is a Pre-requisite to get full benefit out of the body shape one) anyway I'll share more when I've finished writing it

I just love how Lesley Nicol plays Mrs Patmore (my fav character) It's great to see Downton Abbey back on NZ TV

Farm Stay Guests...

Pancho and I have our routine, He goes into this corner of the cattery and gets his brushing which he adores. Then he gets his dinner of fancy feast, Cats do so like routine don't they

The head bunting of the brush is all part of the routine.


  1. Congratulations! What a buzz to have completed your first workshop. We eat about zero processed food at our house and I'm sure we are much better for it. Way to go!

    I can see Pancho has found a place in your heart. Yes, cats do so love a routine.

  2. Very rarely eat processed food here but eat lots of fresh greens and other fruit and veg. Still feel extremely tired though. I try to put it down to stress.

    1. Yes stress plays havoc on our bodies. ((hugs)))