Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Movie & Knitting

A group of us went off to The Embassy Theatre in Wellington for Lights Up Knitting - to see Gone Girl. I'd read the book and only gave it a 2/5 mainly because it is NOT my sort of book - way too dark for me. But if you like dark thrillers it's a good story. The movie was pretty close to the book. Not much knitting happened once the plot twists began to happen. I took no knitting as I've started to learn to knit socks - which is not going too well so far.

 Abbey was one of the sponsors for the event

she gave away printed patterns as spot prizes

One of the patterns was the Big and Little Annabelle socks - Here's the Little Annabelle modelling her socks. Don't yea just love her tutu dress and look of delight wearing her socks.

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho stayed mostly inside yesterday due to the stormy wild wind.


  1. You mean that the movie theater actually has a knitting event? Wow. Those socks are lovely. . . they're motivating me to get my butt (and needles) in gear. And a big 'Hello' to Pancho. I just love his mask.

  2. Hi Pancho!!xxxx Annabelle sure looks happy with her pretty socks.