Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lily of the Valley

The nodding bells of Lily of the Valley Convallaria majalis

Oh my! What have I done - old folklore of West of England (phew I'm safe as live in New Zealand) say to plant a bed of lily of the valley is a bad omen, in fact an invitation to an early death.

Water distilled from the flowers was called golden water and so precious that it was stored in gold or silver vessels 

The flower is a symbolism of many legends - eg the Virgin Mary and is known as Our Lady's-tears. Lily of the valley appears in many paintings of her. Medieval monks named the flower ladder-to-heaven due to its even step like arrangement of the flowers along the stalk. The flower is also dedicated to Ostara

In the language of flowers Lily of the valley signifies return to happiness, purity and sweetness,

My garden is full of blooming beautiful scents what with Lily of the valley and lilacs oh my swoon wish there was such a thing as smell a blog so I could share with you all.


  1. hmmm...i never heard that omen before and i just planted a bunch of these this summer. my parents planted lots of beds of these when i was little and they both died very young! well, it was nice knowing everyone!

    1. Well if its any consolation I'm not pulling up my beds. I think they have such a pretty wee flower and oh the scent is wonderful. Look forward to seeing your flowers in your next spring. (This is the 2nd year of flowering and they are abundant)

  2. Oh yikes! I've got a bed of them too, by the back door! Oh well, what will be, will be. I suppose I'd better do more research before I plant anything else. *wink*

  3. Never heard that before. Growing up we always had a bed of Lily of the Valley - I just love them.