Friday, 17 October 2014

Lilac! Lilac! Liliac!

 In the language of flowers purple Lilac's symbolises the first emotion of love more than any other heart opening flower. Violet Lilac flower essence is one of the most useful in opening the head chakras to allow the flow of life force to reenter the body.

 Lilac's are  my favourite flower in my garden. I get terribly excited knowing any day now the blooms will be open and I can drift about on their scent.

.....'Twas then I felt a perfect thrill
Possess me while I strode,
As eager as the thrush to trill,
Along the old grey road:
For though the bridal cherries bring
Delight with neighbour pears,
The top of magic comes when Spring,
Made vocal by her fragrant wares,
Cries 'Lilac! Lilac! Lilac!'

From the THE MASTERPIECE, by  

Farm Stay Guest.

Pancho has the place all to himself. Not sure how he is gonna like it when I close off one of the runs when the next guests arrive 


  1. Hi Leanne, thanks for your comment. Your Lilac photos are wonderful....I can ALMOST smell it.
    Jacquie x

  2. MMMMmmmm I can almost smell them from here! Such joy for you!

  3. Gorgeous lilac, and nice poem. There's so much to celebrate in spring - well except for the other side in my latest post!

  4. Lovely fragrance! My miniature pale mauve lilac is flowering. BOP is not really cold enough during Winter for lilacs to do well.The smell always brings back memories of my Mum's and Nana's gardens. They lived further South ...more in your direction.
    Your current guest has a beautiful face. Please give him a stroke from me.

  5. Beautiful!!! I too wish we could grow a decent Lilac up here. You got a great photo of Pancho!