Wednesday, 8 October 2014


 Raising goslings was NOT one of my better ideas. 

  A few years ago we let Gus and Geraldine have some babies 

Now we make sure we take Geraldine and Gus's eggs

One goose egg fills the fry pan.

 Cut in half makes one goose egg do two bacon n egg sandwiches for Brent's lunch.

Farm Stay Guest.
Pancho is loving spending time outdoors

 Pancho is waiting for me to refill the seed container so he can do some more bird watching.
With the strong winds I've not filled up the seed container as the seed got blown out into my gardens.


  1. What will you do with all those goslings?

  2. He is a super fluffy boy, Norwegian Forest? Maine Coon? or am I way off the track here? Yes, gales here all Monday, I waited and waited for at least one more tree to be blown over ,but not even a big branch this time .Lovely little balls of fluff. Cheers,Jean

  3. they are cute though.....Never knew how big an egg would be in a frying pan!