Thursday, 2 October 2014

Big & Little Annabelle

You have NO idea how hard it has been for me not to share these socks that Abbey designed and made. I'm best known to close friends and family for hating keeping good secrets. As I am a blurter by nature I kept all communication to Annabelle only via email until she had her socks on her feet.

Abbey designed them as a thank you to Annabelle Roger a New Zealand artist who designed her Logo for her.

Abbey chose the colour of the wool based on Annabelle's logo colour

As Annabelle has a granddaughter also named Annabelle a little pair had to be made too. Hence the pattern name Big and Little Annabelle. (I've linked you all direct to the pattern)

Annabelle and Pete have had four of our burmese boys - Charles, Oliver, Muddy and Milo. Sadly Ollie had an inoperable liver tumour/mass and the terribly hard choice that no pet lovers wants to make had to be made just recently. SOB



Oliver aka Ollie RIP dear Ollie.

Annabelle has included her cats in her art work - here's a sneak peek. (NB she sells her art work as cards on her website here's the link.)

 "A young kitten lying in sun blissed out on catnip."

 Young 'Muddy' had been misbehaving and after received a verbal reprimand he disappeared. I followed after him and almost missed the image you see here: Muddy hiding innocently in the embrace of a big teddy (Big Ted) who relaxes in a cane chair. Muddy had burrowed so hard into Big Ted's arms that he was almost invisible. " wasn't me, it was one of the other cats!?" Hmmmmm.

"This card shows one of the wonderful things about cats as pets.
Some people emphasise cats' independent streak, but I'm more often struck by how readily cats transform parts of your life - in this case a little winter nap - into a very communal activity.
Of course, the experience would not be complete without the latest arrival - the cat on top which has just come out of the rain..." 

Molly says "Hullo"

This is Molly, 14 years, a beautiful character of a goat owned by Leanne & family.

I quote a friend who said "Molly is the Mona Lisa of goats."

Annabelle suprized me with a wonderful watercolour of my much loved goat Molly which is one of my worldly treasures.

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  1. What beautiful socks! I will definitely be checking the pattern out. You were very good at keeping that secret!

  2. Oh what a lovely post. Those socks are amazing! And I love the artwork. . . especially the winter nap!

  3. Beautiful socks & beautiful artwork Leanne, Love the name Annabelle :-)

  4. I love the socks, well done Abbey! I might even get tempted to knit some socks one of these days!! Love Annabelle's artwork too.

  5. Leanne, you did a great job of managing to keep Abbey's amazing new logo a secret. Pat yourself of the back. First of all the new sock pattern looks so pretty. If I knew how to knit I would make a pair, but I would never wear them with shoes because I tend to wear out the heel & big toe very quickly & it would be a crime to wear a hole in a special pair of socks like those. I would save them for special occasions indoors and show them off by wearing no shoes at all. Although I will say the heel looks well reinforced. Your friend, Annabelle, did a fantastic job designing the new logo for Abbey's knitting pattern business. It looks very professional, yet friendly, it communicates that knitting is what the business is all about and I love how she incorporated the knitting needles into the design as letters. The whole logo does everything a great functional logo should, but is seldom accomplished in most logos. Abbey must be so pleased. She has taken her idea for what she wants to do and turned it into reality in a very short amount of time. There is no doubt that Abbey is headed for much success in her pattern business. Her new logo will help her get the recognition she deserves.

    Your friend Annabelle does such wonderful artwork. The cat cards really capture the way cats truly behave as well as expressing their unique personalities. "Winter Nap" is exactly what bedtime looked like when I had 4 cats. They must be heart broken over losing their Ollie. The 3 cats have such beautiful coloring and you can see each personality come shining through. She will absolutely love the socks Abbey made for her and her granddaughter. The portrait Annabelle painted of Molly looks exactly like her. I know how much you miss Molly, so this sentimental painting must be one of your most precious treasures. What a kind & talented friend you have.

  6. beautiful post and stunning socks!!