Saturday, 18 October 2014

Big and Little

Farm Stay Guests...

I should not of looked!!! 

But I'm so in love with Pancho - he is my first Ragdoll I've spent time with.
So I had a look in his vaccination book and his breeders details are there.
He is Seal Bicolour bred by and and they have kittens......

I'm just saying..... but for all of you who have fallen in love with Pancho you might be tempted to get your own little Pancho kitten....

In the spring garden...

 Brent knows me well and for our wedding anniversary he brought me some pea straw (best mulch for summer garden)
I usually get compost my other great joy but with no ute we opted for free delivery of five straw bales for $75.

Pretty good price wise when you compare these teeny tiny  straw packs for $5.99 which wouldn't even be a quarter of one straw bale. Someones making a good profit me thinks.


  1. Pancho is just beautiful! As for your spring garden, can't wait to see the results! Straw for your anniversary? You're so practical!

    1. I'm gonna miss pancho when he goes - we are good buddies. Yes I'm ever so practical - but it makes my heart sing.