Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bed buddies

Stella is such an amazing dog and is never far from her bed buddy. (Stella is rather woolly at the mo)
She gave her seal of approval for a new mattress topper (buy one get one free at Farmers folks)

 Similar to the one I got yesterday which has lots of little pillows to lie on. Just perfect for bed bound folks. Wonderful to help ease the pain. It's the hardest thing in the world not being able to help much. Honest it stinks! It really really sucks.

Stella is a real tonic- it is just amazing how long she will lie on the bed day in day out with her master.

Next lot of course books have arrived for my naturopathy course meaning once I've completed these I will be half way through my degree which I'm loving. It's hard not to be impatient, as I wanna go past go and get straight to a cure.

But there is always something to be grateful for and these illnesses have taught us all its the little thing in life that are special.

 such as looking out the kitchen window and seeing the first poppy bloom for the season. (Can you name the weed next to it?)

 picking the first lilac bloom to fill the room with the most delish scent of SPRING.

Oh how I love SPRING

Farm Stay Guests.

Pancho likes to play string. He'd have play all day long.


  1. Oh Leanne you are such a sweet gem of a mother, it must be hard. I hope and pray for Abbey. Yippie for wonderful Stella she is an angel.

    1. Thanks Leeanne is is hard on all of us but little Stella brings us all great joy. she is AMAZING how long she will just sit on the bed on the rough patches. Right I'm off to take her for a walk. have a good week.