Thursday, 9 October 2014

An Oldey but a Goodie

Over the winter nights it was too cold to work in the shed.. So as not to be bored the boys searched for something to do. They imported an old truck from the USA to New Zealand. With much excitement Jessie arrived yesterday to her new home.

 One owner, original California sunburnt paint

No accident damage, no dents. FE series Big block motor and 4 speed manual transmission.

 The guy in the USA used it for carting his triumph motor bikes from the California hills to the Bonneville salt flats

 Looks good in our barn

These boys don't have time to get into mischief ....Watch this space for updates.

Farm Stay Guest
Pancho does has time to get up to mischief... He likes to rolly polly and attack his rug.


  1. i can't wait to see what they do with it!

  2. What fun, she has quite a history. I'm sure she's going to be very happy in her new home :-)

  3. Wow, they are in for some serious work, and a LHD as well, I'm sure she has a lot of stories hidden under that bonnet. Cheers,Jean.

  4. How exciting for you all! xo