Saturday, 25 October 2014

A day out

  A trip to Petone to get our water

 I finally learnt the "card" trick - a man showed me how to do it. Last time I tried I broke the corner off one of my plastic cards,
The trick is to push in the button and then wedge a plastic card bottom left as in photo. (I tried top right but no the trick the man said is the bottom left). It's a very fun social hang out for like  minded folk I always end up chatting to someone,

 Easy peasy just stand and let the water flow.

 We stopped in at another must shop to visit in Petone - The Spice Rack. Oh my it is like heaven, our mouths were watering just with the aroma of all the spices,

 Their fresh turmeric is a lot cheaper than the organic shop. Plus I brought okra. Never ever cooked it I think is what you, Joyce grow??? I'll pop over to your blog to get some Okara recipes.

Thank you, Thank You, Thank you! Oh wow I'm humbled by how many of you lovely blog readers are supporting me in my Naturopathy studies. I've just sent out another round of emails to all who paid yesterday. I'll leave registration to the Wellness Plan Workshop open until Sunday
The Pay Pal account is looking sooo wonderful and I'll be buying books next week that are on my wish list for my studies. Plus I'm saving to do another course with Isla Burgess she is currently writing a PostGrad 6 month unit on ‘Women’s Health’.
   The folks that paid by Internet banking I've whipped that money over to my Bonus Bonds account where I save (and hope to win!) my study fees. Actually do you know if I were actually making the rules for student loans in New Zealand I'd scrap this daft rule -

Student loans

If the deceased person had a student loan, it is written off after we have sighted the death certificate.

REALLY??? How can our country afford such a silly rule. Surely student loans should come out of the deceased estate. 

I do hope you all enjoy the course. I've poured a lot of work into it - PLUS it is a fantastic way to review my study. I'm using the same concepts as I did when I homeschooled our children - which is if you can retell what you have learnt to someone else basically you have learnt it. Sure hope I remember it all for the exams - exams are SCARY

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  1. i LOVE okra! my dear friend bev that died a while ago told me to just split it and sprinkle it with salt and pepper and eat it. this might be my favorite way to eat it. it is so good in gumbo and fried in cornmeal. i used to be able to get water like that when i lived in canada. no one collects fresh water here. they just buy it in plastic bottles.