Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Yay Progress

It's nearly four months since our barn was damaged and finally it is getting fixed
 It's been an eye opener of how insurance companies work - we had to do everything- arrange the repairs, remove the tree from the barn, force the issue of tree removal and the clean up too!
Brent is used to project management, working with contractors and getting money out of people who don't pay...., even he said it was hard going at times. We feel very sorry for all the people with earthquake damage in Christchurch dealing with insurance companies and getting nowhere fast. Anyway this is a blog that looks through rose tinted windows so enough about insurance companies.

Brent located the original guys who built the barn 14 years ago... They are old school and operate word of mouth... no internet. They are here putting things right for us..

The builder and Gus the Gander have come to an understanding. Gus hissed at the builder and the builder hissed at Gus.

Gus is being very territorial; at the moment and he attacks and his bite hurts.

Geraldine his mate has started nesting - and they know we are gonna take away the eggs as we don't want goslings - been there done that.

Farm Stay Guests....

Ollie would not oblige for a selfie. He gets some company today as Beau and Sienna arrive for a visit.


  1. insurance companies....eeeesch! that is one determined look in gus's eyes!

  2. Luckily (touch wood) I've only had to deal with an insurance company once in my life and it actually was not too bad. . . though very slow. Hope the repairs go well, and Gus behaves!

  3. Yaay about the barn - what a long haul, yes I feel for those affected by the earthquakes too who are still awaiting assistance. Gus is quite the territorial Goose, great photos, it does sound like he has met his match with the builder!

  4. The insurance industry is a bit shameful isn't it? They advertise like if anything happens just ring and some lovely lady at the end of the phone will organise everything, and they will sing and dance and skip down the road with you. Instead it is a hundred more phone calls and lots of running round. Glad to hear though that things are happening now, and your barn will look spiffy.

  5. Loving the rose tinted glasses! Yippie a barn again, you will all be pleased, even old Gus!

  6. Best of luck with the rebuild. I'm sure it'll turnout lovely.

  7. It's good to see progress. My husband used to help people deal with the ins companies- he worked for a construction company. Many of them had to use public adjusters to mediate settlements and get the repairs made. Ins companies used to make money on investments. but when the markets took a downward turn, they had the adjusters get really tough. I worked for one just after school and the branch manager said that they would still make money even if they lost every dime they took in as premium payments - due to investments. When the markets took a downward turn, they had the adjusters get really tough.