Thursday, 11 September 2014

Yarn along

The front purple is  my yarn ready for sock knitting .....

A little teaser of what Abbey has on her needles - she has three patterns with testers at the moment so won't be long and I can share her new designs.

My days are full of studing my naturopathy course. I'm working flat stick as I want to be ahead before I go on my little holiday to the South Island I brought a fancy comfy chair as my days are just sitting and studying. I've never sat on my butt for such a long stretch of time for years. Homeschooling I was always up and down.
9am I am at the table, break for lunch at 12, back to table till 3pm and then I do another hour from 5-6pm while dinner is cooking.
I am loving all the learning and rabbit trails I go off on. Folic acid and folate has been my latest rabbit trail. Once my study is all finished man I will be blogging about this.

RIP Clara hen (middle black) She was lying outside of the coop in the morning, absolutely no sign of her being unwell just old age. She was top hen so now we are hearing Cluck cluck all day while the others work out who is going to be the boss. We have been only getting two eggs a day and we also got two eggs yesterday so Clara mustn't of been one of the girls who was laying..

Farm Stay Guests...

hello says Ollie
and Nala


  1. And so the pecking order needs to be re-established, Clara probably knew , and just lay down quietly, company with the others till the end. Lovely purples. Cheers,Jean

  2. Oh poor Clara....I love chickens. I think they're my very favorite 'farm' animal. I can't wait to see your socks! And Ollie's up close and purrsonal photo is a riot! Have a great end of the week.

  3. The yarn is gorgeous! Good on Abbey :-) Gosh you really are on your butt with your nose in the books and your fingers on the keypad - so great you are enjoying it so much! Clara was a beauty, I can see the gorgeous sheen in her feathers.

  4. lovely yarn. love the cat photo's..........they could be 'selfies'!

  5. oh the purplely goodness! I have a fondness for purple but wear it only in accessories. I want to make a purple sweater one day soon.