Saturday, 27 September 2014

WOW - World of Wearable Art

Selfie time at WOW. Both of us were terribly excited to be at WOW.

I'm wearing of course Jean Jones - which is made in New Zealand. Tights are from Max soo warm as fleece lined. Boots oh my years old.

We were not only looking forward to being at WOW but also to see my friend's son perform. He was one of the students performing from New Zealand School of Dance. One of my other friends nieces were also performing but I couldn't work out which ones they were but I do know they were one of the dancers in silver.

The results are out of who won - and I have to agree with the results.

The tea post was one of my favourites and the little girl modeling it was wonderful.

WOW was an experience - so much was going on stage at every area of the stage and then up in the air too. It was hard to see everything and also stop and look at the dancers. To everyone involved in WOW what a fantastic job - I loved it.

Shaolin Monks which are in WOW have been performing in Civic Square

Wellington retailers have been decorating their windows red in support of WOW. 
I placed my people's vote for of course Jean Jones.

Farm Stay Guests....


  1. Wow, that looks like fun! I'm sure you had a great time.

  2. Looks like a fantastic event - glad you had so much fun!! I love the teapot - wow!

  3. So glad I got to share it with you. That will be one of my most treasured memories I will carry with me. Will be hard to top that now for our adventures out.