Monday, 15 September 2014

Update on the Old Truck

Life always seems to be rather busy here.. There is always so much to do.
Set backs like pine trees falling on our barn tend to slow progress on some projects. 

Brent has been slowly working away on the truck during the winter months.

The short days and cold nights tend to slow things down a  bit.

The trucks chassis has been sandblasted and painted with 2K zinc epoxy primer followed by Durapox primer and then finished in 2K gloss black.  The wheels have had a similar treatment, but finished in Sungate ivory... A period Ford colour commonly used back in the day. 

The chassis is now completely assembled and is ready for the cab to be refitted.

With the arrival of spring we are getting warmer weather now and with this comes more opportunity for painting and assembling the truck. 
Will post some more photos when the cab is painted and refitted to the chassis.

Farm Stay Guests

Ollie spied the poodle - Stella who is on her way to feed the sheep with Abbey.

Ollie is not too fond of Stella but Nala isn't scared of Stella at all - she put her nose right up to the wire to say hello. Just as she is here looking over into Ollie's run.

Nala goes home today - I'll have to start singing a new song as Nala's name seemed to keep me singing Layla to the cats... as you do!


  1. i can't wait to see the truck's progress! maple syrup on kale chips? that sure is a new one to me!

  2. Leanne you must be getting exciting about the old truck coming to life!