Saturday, 20 September 2014

The baby

Good morning! This was the little face I was greeted with in our bathroom. I must admit it is hard having a baby lamb in your bathroom, She is in a pen, But our old 1900 villa only has one toilet which is in the bathroom. So we all tend to hold as we  don't want to wake the baby up.

I have her milk all made up and it just has to be measured out and warmed in hot water.
While it is warming I was able to SNEAK to the loo. But the baby heard me and started baaaaaaing. Not for long thankfully so as not to wake the family as I had her bottle ready.
 It's all about timing,


Am I one of the luckiest gals in the world or what? I put her on Trade Me yesterday but I'm already getting attached to her. I've given her a name and secretly call her it but haven't told the family. Shhhh
My hope is for her to go to another lifestyle block where she will make wonderful memories for some children of bottle feeding her and to be their pet. Bottle fed lambs make the best pets

 Abbey has been doing the day time feeds,

 The baby just wants more and more so starts nuzzling your jeans.

 nuzzle nuzzle

We don't follow the instructions on the milk packet of three 250mls feeds per day. Instead we feed six times a day - little and often as a mother would. Sure prevents any scouring - lessons we learned along the way of having sheep for 14 years.

When the kids were little they got set feeding times of the lambs so there was no fights. I always got the middle of the night and early morning feeds. Brent always got the evening feeds to do

We all still so much enjoy bottle feeding a lamb

Look at those legs spread out. We make the lambs work for their dinner just as a mumma ewe does. Holding the bottle low about where a mumma sheeps udders are and pulling on the bottle. We stop in the middle of feed so lambs can burb or get their breath as man they can just greedily gobble down their milk super fast.

She has a touch of ginger on her legs... but ginger is not the name I've been secretly calling her.

What name would you pick for her?

One hundred and twenty one years a go.

Yesterday I went and placed my vote. As a female I took a moment to thank Kate Sheppard, who led the campaign for women's suffrage.Yesterday was 121 years since women in New Zealand became the first in the world to win the right to vote in national elections. New Zealand woman led the way for other woman of the world. I am a proud Kiwi!

This election has been a bit of a circus. I found I nodded along with a Face Book Share. 

I am angry, really angry. This is our election, an election for all New Zealanders to make up their minds after listening to party policy announcements and the candidates, whom they would vote for. I am angry because it has been sabotaged by a bunch of foreigners who care nothing for this great country of ours. Take last night's circus at the Auckland Town Hall. Who were the major players? First of all, we have Kim Dotcom, who has bought his way into NZ and is fighting tooth and nail to ward off the FBI who are after him because of his illegal activities. Then we have Edward Snowden, an American citizen,who is holed up in Russia of all places so as to avoid extradition to the US to face treason charges. Then we have Glenn Greenwald, Snowdens' mouthpiece, also an American citizen, but who lives in Brazil. Finally he have Julian Assange, an Aussie, who has been cowering in the Ecuadorean embassy in London for two years in order to avoid extradition to Sweden to face s** charges. God almighty, what a bunch of no hopers and here they are holding the media in their thrall and distracting ordinary New Zealanders from their political rights. Bugger off, all of you and leave us in peace, we New Zealanders are quite capable of making our own minds up 

I hope who I voted for gets in. It's the first time all of our family can vote - my babies are all grown up.


  1. Ditto to all your words, and babies all grown up, what is the baby in the bathroom doing for her vote?? A loving family, grassy paddock, trees for shelter, and maybe one other wee lamb for company.Yes, an international circus indeed, and I hope all voters are not gullible and swayed to vote other than what they think is right, for all NZ. This must be the most controversial election campaign ever, and today is not too late for anyone to sabotage the rules re billboards and hoardings, I would not put anything past those. Have a great weekend, all, Jean.

  2. Wow, that's quite an election going. Crazy. As for the sweet little lamb face, for some reason "Sylvia" popped into my head...... She is so adorable!

  3. I whole heartily agree with you on the election sh** sick and tired of people coming in from overseas and thinking that we will bow and scrap to them. As for Kim dotcom he is a real nasty piece as my brother has had dealings with him over the sale of the mansion. The house belonged to my brothers best friend. I think the lambs name could be Kate after Kate Sheppard as she was a fighter and what rounds up sheep a shepherd not the same spelling though.

  4. The lamb is so precious! I think she looks like a 'Marigold'. Brings back memories of my childhood and raising pet lambs. We had one called Daisy. I think it's a kiwi rite of passage! I agree with you whole-heartedly on the whole election thing. Ugh.

  5. What a gorgeous little lamb, maybe follow the flower theme & it is spring, so 'Blossom.'
    I wish we had elections here so we could be rid of the monkey messing up our country. I don't have an alternative in mind because we currently have the worst bunch of pollies in living memory, but no one could be worse then Tony Abbott!