Monday, 8 September 2014

The Art of Night Exhibition 2014 with Mark Gee

From left to right Chris, Leanne, Eva and James

I'm terribly excited to share that Mark Gee is holding his first solo photo exhibition at the Carter Observatory from the 5th - 18th October. Plus he has published a  book - The Art of Night. Click over to his facebook page to congratulate him

He has also made the book as a free download on this facebook page.
 Look for page 14 as James and I are silhouettes. 

It was a huge buzz April last year going out with Mark around Wellington. The first stop was the top of Mount Victoria. Photo above is of  Mark on the left and Chris on the right. Chris takes amazing photos too I especially love his bird and nature photos. Chris can be found at  NZ Exposed.

I was blown away to hear a Morepork at the top of Mount Vic. 
I love New Zealand!

 From Mount Vic we went to Lyall bay, Princess bay and then to the Red Rocks. You can read about our night out here 

It was amazing how with each different place we went - we were able to see more stars- we were lucky to see some shooting stars. For me,  looking at the shots Mark and Chris took especially of the Milky Way was magical.

One thing I noticed is how much I take where we live here at Cottage Tails for granted. We get to see stars really well without the glow of city lights. Rather blessed indeed.

I never dreamed we would be going 4wd at 11pm around to Red Rocks - 4wd at the best of time scares me but going in the pitch dark of a new moon , with men I met off the internet well  lets say that is ticked off my bucket list. A memory I will keep for life.

Mark arranged us all to stand on some of the Rocks with the Milky Way in the front of us and took a silhouette shot - MAGIC!  It is one of his shots in the exhibition and his book.

I'm looking forward to going to Mark's exhibition - I'm a big fan of his work.

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  1. Oh my! This is incredible! What a fantastic thing to be part of. :) Kit