Monday, 1 September 2014

Sunday at Cottage Tails...(with video)

I took a video of the lambs playing- to share but I've forgotten how to upload it. I will keep trying as it is just pure delight watching the lambs play. I'm sure they play Bullrush. This little fella on the right was "it" I think.

 Getta outta way mum! We are coming through.

 The saddest thing is I have not got a video of Molly goat playing with lambs - she used to every year really play. Molly would of loved these four sets of twins to play with.

Wacko! The uploading worked.. hope you enjoy watching the lambs as much as I do

Mack is comfortable and even a bit better. The vet pills to take fluid off the lungs seems to of helped, or maybe it is the steroids. At any rate he is comfortable, eating a little better and still has the heart to get into mischief.

Farm Stay Guests.....




They all spent their day out in the runs in the sunshine watching the lambs play and birds eating at the birdseed feeders.


  1. i would watch those lambs all day long! glad mack is doing better.

  2. Oh how nice it must be to have that kinda energy!

  3. Good news for Mack, and the lambs. they do frolic so much in those early days. Cheers,Jean

  4. Mack and cats must be loving all the fun and games at 'LambOlympics'

  5. Isn't it remarkable how cute energetic lambs turn into stolid sheep? Gorgeous pic of old Mack.

  6. Totally enjoyed the lamb video, they are so cute, and that was definitely a game of bull rush!!