Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Spring lunches

Guess what is for lunch today? There is just no other way to eat globe artichokes than at home getting mucky and messy. They are best enjoyed eating un ladylike. I wish I had grown them when our son was younger as, as a young lad he would of LOVED being allowed to eat these outside shirtless making a real mess. If I ever get grandkids I would let them pick the artichokes, let them help cook and prepare and then set them up outside in the spring sun topless to enjoy.
I steam mine and serve with melted butter and garlic. Then dip, suck and pull with your bottom teeth the leaves having the heart as the last most yummiest part.

 Yesterday Abbey and I had salmon, asparagus and salad. Once a week Abbey and I have salmon as a treat. A treat is all how you see treats. The salmon was $8.15 for two - so just over $4.00 each and soo much more yummier than a typical treat the media portrays eg sweets, cakes, coffee etc.

Happy Birthday

Rambo is 7 years old today - I can still see our son at age 11 going and choosing his parrot. The breeder said it was a girl so James named her Roxy. Indian ringneck parrots are dimorphic which means their gender is determined by the colour and markings.  Roxy grew the facial markings of a male - the  black beard which means Roxy was in fact a boy not a girl after all. So got renamed to Rambo. Rambo wolf whistles and only says "no thank you". If the cats go near his cage he has a siren sound that makes us a come a running.

When James was younger he used to put his parrot on his handle bars and take Rambo for bike rides around the section.. I'll have to try and dig out some photos.


  1. so, do you eat artichokes topless? happy birthday to rambo!

    1. na I'm one of those that doesn't do skyclad

  2. but i had such a good image of you eating artichokes in the buff...i guess those days are behind a lot of us!

  3. Mmmmm, artichokes! And salmon. . . now I'm hungry. And I agree, salmon is a much better 'treat' than sugar. Happy Birthday to Rambo!