Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Organic vege boxes

 Thought you might like to see inside our organic vege boxes that we get delivered weekly for $80.50.
Above is box 1 and below is what is inside the second box.

It is a lucky dip what is inside the boxes. You can say three items you want or don't want in the box. My choices are.
Extra Kumera
Extra avocados
More vegetables than fruit
My weeks menu planning is worked around what is delivered in the boxes.

If it is good enough for a slug that came with our vege box (smile) it is food good enough for us to eat.

 The slug met one of our old hens. We are only getting one egg a day from the chooks - such as what happens when you have chickens as pets and then the hen house becomes a retirement home for old girls, resulting in you having to buy organic eggs..

further reading of the study can be found here.

Farm Stay Guests...

Ollie was looking for Leonardo and Bella - which went home . I'm so glad the farm stay for cats is a hobby as if it was a business there is no way one can just email Leonardo and Bella's mum saying I'm off to a 50th birthday morning tea and won't be home until 1pm. Having very relaxed hours of drop off pick ups works for all.



  1. Looks yummy! When your own garden is in full swing, I guess that's a saving for you. I watch Nigell Latta's programme last night on sugar, very thought provoking!

  2. A frizzle hen! Love her! We always had cochins and I had a couple frizzle cochins! I miss them. :(