Sunday, 7 September 2014


Kereru - New Zealand native Wood pigeon 

"Our vision is to one day see large flocks of kereru as a common sight in our skies again"

 The great kereru count  is between the 22nd of September and the 5th of October 2014, Kereru Diiscovery wants the number of kereru counted  in cities, towns and the countryside all over New Zealand.

We had these two kereru pop into our garden yesterday.

Folks in Wellington can today pop down to the waterfront and get some plants to plant in their own gardens to help attract the kereru. Pretty awesome me thinks!

Readers of the blog know we are planting all of our border with natives, but we also have fruits trees. The kereru are known to gorge themselves on the ripe fruit and sometimes they become quite drunk. This year they might be quite tiddly as the blossoms on the plum tree looks promising for a good crop of plums.

Farm Stay Guests...

Ollie said he he saw the kereru too!

It's nearly another full moon - she was bright this morning. This month it is known as the chaste or seed moon - one of my favourites as perfect time of year for planting seeds, not only seeds in the garden but also seeds of intention (This weeks wellness plan workshop members will be motivated hopefully to make lots of new intentions). 

In the northern hemisphere the season will be a harvest moon, the moon closest to the next equinox which for northern folk is autumn and here it soon will be the spring equinox which is when for me it is officially spring YIPPIE!


  1. but you hardly had winter. you never built a snowman! what pretty birds!

  2. Yah when the spring equinox arrives it will be the end of the hardest 4 months of my life and will represent the new beginning

  3. I love those birds, we get them quite close to our house, which we enjoy.

  4. Just love those kereru. It would be great to see flocks of them. I must try and remember the count.

    I still don't have any flowers on my plum tree - hope it is all right.