Saturday, 6 September 2014


Brent arrived home from working away Mack was very pleased to see Brent - and Brent was pleased to still see Mack. Mack has nearly finished his medication and he has his spark back - so fingers crossed it was just a chest infection. If he goes down hill after the steroids have finished then more choices will have to be made.

Stella just adores her Mackie

Abbey signed her poodle up for a medium Bow Wow Box - so I signed Mack up for one too (a Large one cause he is a large mastiff) - they don't ship until the 20th of the month, but I think we have Mack for a bit longer.... PSSST Bow Wow have a special offer where your first box is free. The code is FREEBWB

Brent brought home gifts a Camellia Black Lace. for my red garden

  Plus Grevillea bronze rambler which  is a  ground cover plant from Australia that covers bare sandy  soil quickly and survives the hottest driest summers (which is good since we are now billed for our water use) It has lots of red toothbrush shaped flowers. It is going to be a perfect ground cover for the red garden,.

Camellia Early Pearly  to go around the bush bath ( the white garden)

A white flowering Japonica also for around the bush he brought a few more natives - Taupo Native Plant Nursery is always a good stop.


  1. i sure hope mack does well of the steroids!

  2. So glad to hear Mack has perked up. He looks so well, Top marks to Brent for his plant choices. Taupo Native Nursery is great. The staff there are so helpful. They really know there stuff.

  3. Great to see Mack a bit happier :-) Love your new plants - happy planting!!

  4. I'm pleased to know my favourite big dog is on the mend. Big hug for Mack xx I did smile to see Miss Stella trying to entice him to play x

  5. Good old Mack, happy to see his dad!