Saturday, 13 September 2014

Critters at our place

 Geraldine and Gus in my poppy patch tut tut tut

 little fella having a big yawn

 shhhhhh his little eyes are nearly shutting for his nap

Farm Stay guests...

Nala is a pretty wee girl and so affectionate - she talks and talks away at me and if she had her way my whole day would be sitting petting and talking to her.

Ollie he's a smoocher too I get plenty of leg rubs as soon as I enter.

nothing like a toe rub on a gumboot either. Brent thinks we should move the bird feeder as the mess the birds make flicking the dirt from my new garden into the cattery is making quite a mess.

I am linking up to  Camera Critters and Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  


  1. Loving the updates! I'm missing my morning cuddles with nala, she's just such a sweet cat!

    1. Nala is soo smoochie and loves her tucker. Hope your having a good holiday - Nala is happy as.

  2. I saw a lamb this morning asleep on his mothers back, very cute!