Monday, 22 September 2014

All Back to Normal

Kate has found a new home - man we all missed her. Felt really weird not having her in our bathroom. She has gone to a lovely family who ave 10 acres to romp about on and is going to be a pet lamb for the children,

Isn't she just pure cuuuute

Kate was taken down by the cattery for toilet training. Ollie was fascinated with her

Beau got right down to say hello but Sienna stayed up on top of the house


Bottle feeding makes anyone the new mother and I'm telling you it is so adorable having a little lamb follow you every where.

Here's the video of her birthing day - I think this is Kate doing all the baaaaing. Poor old mumma still had another lamb to birth (she had triplets). Abbey is feeding her some sheep nuts which we laced with rescue remedy

The barn is all fixed. The builder sure was dedicated he even worked in hail and rain.

Brent and I talked about using the same business to build me my woman cave. Brent and James out the fences and gates all back in place again.

The boys have been putting everything back in place

The old truck is pleased to be back inside out of the elements.

Plus they are making room for the new toy to arrive.

This old pickup truck is currently in a container in the middle of the ocean coming by boat to New Zealand all the way from California USA.


  1. Hope all the littlies are OK out there this morning, freezing wind and heavy rain here, yesterday we could see snow on the Tararua tops from the back door, and probably lots more on the Ruahine. Fire is burning, coffee is served, we are cosy. Hugs to all, Jean. And yes, even when the new baby finds a loving home, a big gap, but bathroom bliss as you have it to yourselves once again.

  2. Lovely sweetie lamb. The barn looks great.........oh a women barn, now you're talking!

  3. that's great news about little kate! as hard as it is to let her go, it sounds like she will have a wonderful life. what a great job they did on the barn! i think it is time for a chick cave!

  4. I can't get over how cute that lamb is. :) Kit

  5. I can never get enough of cute lambs and their videos! Glad you found a good home for Kate, she was looking so good when she went, you've given her a great start in life. Great news about the barn!