Thursday, 14 August 2014

Time to have pups.

It was time for the aloe vera plant to have pups, such a fun term don't yea think!

I've a true aloe vera plant - many are just a cactus like plant so you have to hunt for a true aloe vera at the garden shops.not just an aloe.

Ten little pups repotted ready to leave the nest as they were included in the Winter Wellness Clubs box as something to plant.

along with

  a tissue salt
 an essential oil

 something for you was some lip balm

Something to make was my recipe for ginger and turmeric tea with ingredients of fresh ginger and turmeric

A handout with lots of information sharing of how to use each item from a naturopathic point of view.

All boxed up and posted. Thank you to all who joined my first Wellness club and made it a great success.

Keep an eye out for my Spring Wellness Club which will be released soon..


  1. I was given an aloe vera plant, by a neighbour. It sprouted babies and I have passed it's offspring to friends and family. i never forget the wonder, of squeezing a cut leaf and watching, cool green gel oozing forth. I use mine for bites and burns and recently, Lewis used it to sooth a new tattoo!

    1. ahh it would be good on a new tat. It's wonderful around the nostrils when sore from a winter cold of over blowing ones nose. In the botany world they call the babies pups. I loved that term.

  2. Glad it was YOU who was having the pups!

    1. I hope the new owners of the pups take good care of them and not over water them. They need little water.